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BitTube is a free speech video hosting site.

We don't censure content.

Our vision is to provide a platform on which everyone can express his opinion even about controversial topics.

Everything that is legal content in the USA can be uploaded to this site.

In the case that the laws of the United States of America will be changed and will be too restrictive for hosting free speech content, we will find a way to host these files in another country.

There are a few exceptions:

- pornography
- content of which you do not hold the rights to upload

In the case you discover undesirable content on this site, please don't hesitate to let us know via the feedback form.

This site is not yet stable and we hope you guys can understand that the operation of a site like this requires both server and human capacity.

Our servers were overwhelmed due to the recent promotions by Daily Stormer and a few other sites but we are working on improving everything to give you a smooth experience when using the site.

Roadmap for the near future:
- uploads greater than 100 MB
- Drag'n'Drop uploads
- Progress Bar
- Tags separated by commas

If you like the site and want to support us in implementing those and more features quicker, just donate a few bitcoins.

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let me publish shit

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BitTube est une nouvelle plateforme qui offre d'importantes opportunités.

Développer sa notoriété permettra d'en faire un outil puissant pour la diffusion de contenus en faveur de la race blanche.

Pour cela, il faudra bien sûr y mettre nos meilleurs contenus et des productions régulières, mais il faut aussi que ce site n'apparaisse pas comme exclusivement un site de vidéos politiques : au contraire, il a besoin de vidéos de musique, de jeu, et de tout ce qui peut attirer des personnes peu politisées.

Si je mettrais en ligne quelques vidéos, ce n'est pas une tâche que je pourrais réaliser à grande échelle - la gestion de mon site Blanche Europe me demandant trop de temps pour pouvoir m'occuper de cela. C'est à toi, nationaliste qui me lit, de prendre les choses en main.

For english-reading folks : To allow BitTube to grow, think to help financially the website if you can to upgrade servers. Also, think to upload more than nazi content : BitTube needs songs, game's videos, funny cats... whatever (though not leftard stuff of course). This will allow to reach more normies and allow BitTube to become a stronger alternative to YouTube.

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I am Hitler bow down to me peasants